Monday, October 17, 2005

There I was.....

.....minding my own business by roling about the stage in my usual fashion at the climax of a Youth of Britain show at the Dublin Castle last week, when all of a sudden and without warning who should go and jump on my bleedin' leg with all his might but Fazza. I yelled out in pain thinking at first that he had broken the said leg yet to my relief he had just dislocated my knee with his unique yet endearing version of the popular punk rock dance, the pogo. Being the consumate professional that I am, I continued to the end of the afore mentioned ensemble piece before trying to make any further movements. Once the show had ended and the in house disc-jockey began to revolve his turn table, I attemted to stand and actually had to use my guitar as a make shift walking stick. Much later, and with a very loud cracking sound, my knee re-located itself thus iradicating the need for pain killes and alcohol. Unfortunatly this was too late as my course of action had already begun it's perilous journey. Once at home I sat on the sofa, leg outstreached, bulging knee joint, ice pack, bottle of wine and a memory of a jolly good gig with just two words wizzing around in my head.......SPACIAL AWARENESS!!!!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm all excited...

....but then I get like that when I play somewhere new and tomorrow we'll be playing in Manchester the home of....Manchunians oh, and err, hot pot I think, so Ian will be excited too. This excitement will spread amongst the band and soon we'll all be nearly wetting ourselves just before getting up on stage infront of the In The City music industry types and their leather jackets with arm tassles (or is that biker hippies from a bygone era? I get confused) Anyway, provided we don't all need to come off stage after 5 mins for a quick pee, it looks like it's gonna be a great gig. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

'ere you play guitar do ya?

this week I 'ave mostly been doing just that. We have a few new songs on the go at the moment and will be hooking up on monday to see if we can knock them into shape, one is funnily enough about...the youth of britain...another about an escort girl I saw with a lovely elderly gentleman on the tube...another about old men who look like old women and vice-versa ...and finally one about someone who doesn't realise that it isn't the fault of society that he can't be bothered to get a job instead of stealing all the time. Some are punky some are poppy and some just make you want to weep at the social injustice of it all...oh yeah, some are funny too. Hopefully we can get something together pretty quick so that you can all have a listen and tell us what you think.

Jus. x

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Frost were seen...

And we loved 'em. So did The Dirty Feel and Luther Blissett and so too would have The Alpine if they were there. Frost played all of our versions of Sick & Tired we couldn't believe they had learned all the parts so well. Then as they played, members from each band got up on stage to join in much to the bemusement and amusement of the regular public.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Come and see Frost...

...'cos they're doing a gig with us in

London's Cargo on Tuesday 20th September.

Doors open at about 7pm and we're on stage first at 7:30pm.

See you there.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

MTV - Round Two

Well wasn't that a tense moment in televisual history?

We made it through to the next part of the show but how far can a bunch of chancers like us go huh???!!

Will Olivier and Anastasia see through our thin facade of musicality???

Will Wade rise to the challenge of a dance off with Fazza???

Will the magical mystery tour all end in tears???

I guess you'll just have to tune in again next time to find out!!!

(That is of course unless you live in Italy, where the TV schedule is different and you already know the answers).

Don't forget.... 17:30 Sunday same poptastic channel!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Half Moon

Hey that was a fun gig. Everyone out there seemed to enjoy the night and we had a great time too. OK so I bust a string or two and we totally forgot to join in on Rock Freeze but we can sort that out next time. It looks like we've succeeded in blagging a manager into helping us a bit (mug) so with any luck we'll be even more famous than we are now (I know had to imagine but just try eh?)It won't be long before I can't go to my local superstore without a couple of minders to hold back the kids, I'll have to watch my figure or just go for bloater status I can't decide. Then of course ther are the really expensive sunglasses to wear inside. Maybe that's why they have minders....'cos they can't see. I can't wait to be bumping into things.
Jus. x

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reading Festival

I'd just like to thank everyone who saw us at Reading for their amazing support during the festival. You guys were great. It was really nice to see the same faces coming back for more each day and lovely to meet you all afterwards. Hopefully we will be getting about the country soon and will be able to meet you all again, so remember to keep checking the site for dates and don't forget to tune in to MTV on Sept 11th.