Saturday, March 18, 2006

chill out.......

.....bloody chill out.....not much chance to do anything else in London at the moment is there??? So we'd like to thank all of you who managed to find a coat warm enough last Thursday to enable you to witness......

1) The unveiling of the YoB banner.

2) Fazza's "interaction" with the audience (or just that guy who looked like he really wished he'd stayed still for the end of the set).

3) Eve'll teetering on the brink of disaster, or the edge of a very small stage.

3) Ooh, we've just done that one.

4) Fazza repremanding Justin for not joining in with "Rock Freeze" and making him do it all on his own. Naughty boy!

5) 2 new songs!!!

6) 2 NEW SONGS!!!

7) 2 NEW SONGS!!!

So there it is at least seven reasons why you should make sure you have suitable clothing this year and seven reasons to get ready for the next gig at

The Dublin Castle, Camden on te 13th April.

Jus. x

Monday, March 13, 2006

Woody's woodland adventure for Bears (nr Westbourne Park)

Hello Bears,

If you go down to Woody's this Thursday - you're sure of a big

Because everyone's favourite band Youth of Britain are taking to
the stage for Fruit Fly's latest extravaganza!

Yep, it's the first time you West London types can experience the
Y.O.B live show on your doorstep, so get your Pradas in the Merc
and get your driver to drop you off at:

on stage at 10.00pm

playing with us also:
The Daze-Stations-DJ Goldierocks

We'll be playing some new tunes and everything - unless you came
to our lastgig, in which case you'll have heard them once before
so for you they'll be kind of shop soiled.
Hmmm... dirty.

So OK Ya and all that - we'll be the pikey looking gits at the bar
expecting you to buy us a drink.