Friday, February 24, 2006


The Rolling Stones are a great band , Granted playing to 2 million
people in Rio, yeah yeah yeah huh.
BUT-are they happy?
YOB- the other greatest band in history
are about to embark on there wirlwind appearances of grotty
clubs and toilet venues in britain.
in years to come people will ask-'where were you the night yob,
played to 200 people in london'?
We are back!
After taking time out to record new material we will be unleashing
the dragon with some new thongs.
We will be presenting"Troubled Boys" and
"Here comes The Youth Of Britain''
so why not join us with your scoring cards, brings flowers
to throw at us in appreciation, or rotten fruit in disatisfaction.
Think of yourselves as our roman emperors with such power,
to decide our fate-make us gladiators or feed us to the lions

thumbs up or thumbs down- you be the judge!

All judge masters please read details and attend:

Name: The Band'Stand' ("A Learning for Life" Fundraiser)
Promoter: The ArtMusicPolitic Co-op / Protest Recordings
date: 5th of march

Bands: The Bellagios, Youth of Britain, Shuffle, Daddy Long Legs,
King Blues, Greyhound Green, Tactician , Bronson Deal

Venue:The Spitz,
109 Commercial Street, Old Spitalfields Market,London E1.
Doors: 4pm - midnight
Fee: £6 (to charity)

It would be nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd

Friday, February 17, 2006

Youth of Britain Go Large...

...No you muppets we haven't put on a lot of weight and we haven't bought a load of crap burger meals either....we are however going large in the out and about can catch us doing a couple of gigs in the next few weeks the first of which is at The Spitz in London. So dust off your burberry (does anyone still wear it these days?)and get down there on Sunday 5th March and marvel at some new songs and several other great acts participating in Art Music Politic's night which aims to put the FUN back into fund raiser...well it will if we have anything to do with it eh?

Jus. x