Friday, January 13, 2006

First Rehearsal of the New Year.....

.....and didn't go well??? Ian has been given a lovely new hat by DJ Chubb, I think it's made of pure synthetic whale blubber and it wobbles when he drums too quickly and therefore keeps him in absolute metronomic time (as opposed to GMT).
Fazza brought in a couple of new songs for us to destroy in only the way we could.
Eve'll looks refreshed after the Xmas break, well....I think he may have had his coat dry-cleaned or something, although as he never takes it off one does wonder how much the bill was? I, spent a lot of time re-learning my rock freezes for the new shows later this year and Dan was out foraging in the industry jungle looking for nuts and berries to build our energy up to the highest level for this year. (I'm not sure if that last sentence was meant to be metophorical or not, he hasn't returned yet but I'll let you know if we have a surplus of blackberry and/or hazelnuts when he does).



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