Monday, April 25, 2005

Gig - Thursday 28th April

hey Yobsters,
this thursday 28th of April, we'll be playing at "Circus"
at the Elbow Rooms in Islington, on Chapel Street.
Since it will be our last performance for a while (until beginning of june)
i suggest you come down and have a farewell drink with us..
miss you already...


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cargo - This Friday 22nd April 2005

So you thought you could get away with just coming to see us at Turnmills?
Or you thought you could get away with not coming to see us at Turnmills?

Well we have news for you - and this is it...

All past, current and future fans of the popular beat group (known as Youth of Britain) are requested to be present at their next live performance at the Cargo music venue on Rivington Street, in the Shoreditch area of London, THIS FRIDAY - 22nd April 2005. The door tariff will be £6 b4 9pm / £10 after and your favorite aformentioned YOB's will be take to the stage at 8.30 pm sharp. Also appearing playing live on this evening will be the delectable Vatican DC and the delightfully monikered Hollywood Pornstars. There will be live AV from the fantastic Eclectic Method and the DJs for your delectation will be Crispin Dior and Rich Pack.

Personally, we don't think there's a better line-up in the world taking place on this evening. If there is please let us know on and we will personally make sure that these 'other' events do not take place. They have been warned.

Anyhow, word up to yo mammas, and we'll see you Friday.



Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Yes, Secret Agents of the YOB,

Your gig this week - should you choose to get off your fat arses and come and see it - is at Turmills, 63 Clerkenwell Road, Farringdon, London Town, on Friday 15th April. You got that?

So stop watching that horrible plastic surgery program and forgo the sight of someone having bits from one part of their body shoved up somewhere else (while their face hangs by a thread off their skull) and come and see some proper entertainment with music and singing and laughter. Just like the good old days before Reality TV, Mobile Phones and Turkey Twizzlers.

And we call ourselves Youth of Britain.

The audacity.

I've said too much young 'uns. Send each other some new fangled "text messages" and we'll see you there.

Now, where's my horse and carriage....

Love and a good birching,