Saturday, January 29, 2005

Get ready for Cargo 3rd Feb

As time is often tight in this modern society, we'll say a quick to thank you so very much to those
that attended the bananafest last saturday @ Barfly in camden... you were wicked!! And so
were we???!!

So, for those lazy sods, that did not bother coming, we'll give you another chance to make it up with us...
We'll be playing Thursday 3rd of Feb, @ Cargo in London, on stage 8.45pm
Come early, as we heard that the promoter is going mad, and will give free drinks away!!!

Just print the ticket below to get in free....
See ya there!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Hell's Bells it's a New Year - so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Y.O.B lovin' muppets!

We're so happy and rejuvnated that we've decided to get off our collective arses and do a gig. In January. Hurrah!
And where is it we hear you wimper? Well it's back at the lovely Barfly, on Chalk Farm Road in the heart of our London manor.
And when is it we hear you cringe? Well that would be the 22nd day of January in this bright spanking new 2005.

So there you are you know alls. You now know it all.

So if you can fit your big heads through the door, we'll see you then.

See ya later, carpet scrapers,