Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Well....Didn't we 'ave a lovely time....;

The day we went to Manchester?

Yes actually we did.

Thanks for everyone's support on Saturday at Squares the gig was fun Fazza's chats with Tricky (Yes that Tricky) was fun, the aftershow party was fun and coming back to an apreciative audience Upstairs @ the Garage the next day was fun too. We had so much fun we have had to lie down for a couple of hours to stop us fainting!!! or er...farting in Ian's case he gets excited in a perculiarly different way to the rest of us but that's drummers for you eh?

Justin xxxx


yvonne said...

Hey YoB,

well, living in Switzerland gives me just one opportunity to see and hear you: ACut! You did great, and being my favs from the beginning, I was happy to see you win! Still, would like to hear more from you. I am not able to download your songs though, any chance to get them somwhere else?
Wish you the best - I am sure you'll ake it! And don't forget to come to Zurich, we would love to see you here.


12:20 PM  
crimbo said...

hey Lighty
get a proper job


12:46 PM  
pinkpanther said...

i'm also a big fan of you and your music!!!i also saw ACut and i was very happy to see you win!!!i would like to hear more from you!!because here in austria (thats the little country next to germany)nothing from you exist not your music not you nothing!we would have soo many places for you to play!!we would love it to see you here!!!

love and kisses

2:21 PM  
dagjes said...

Hello YoB,

another person who saw you on Acut,
I'm from Holland (yeah amsterdam!!)
I really liked you on the show, and im very happy that you guys won!
Lucky me, I was able to download some of your songs, and theyre all great!
Well done!
I hope to see you some time here in holland, im sure everybody will love you here and that you will love holland too, everythings possible here!
Hope to see you soon!
lots of love

3:14 PM  
eve'll said...

Hey Crimbo......

Give us a gig in Wales Eh?

we're trying to get a tour together and if you have any dates you can help with we'd love to take the YoB thing to the valleys!

5:09 PM  
Karin said...

eve'll can you tell me if there is a possibility to get free money??(it is free money right?riiight??):) pleeeaaaseeee!!i loooved the song!
hugs for you and the rest of the crew!

12:17 PM  

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