Monday, October 17, 2005

There I was.....

.....minding my own business by roling about the stage in my usual fashion at the climax of a Youth of Britain show at the Dublin Castle last week, when all of a sudden and without warning who should go and jump on my bleedin' leg with all his might but Fazza. I yelled out in pain thinking at first that he had broken the said leg yet to my relief he had just dislocated my knee with his unique yet endearing version of the popular punk rock dance, the pogo. Being the consumate professional that I am, I continued to the end of the afore mentioned ensemble piece before trying to make any further movements. Once the show had ended and the in house disc-jockey began to revolve his turn table, I attemted to stand and actually had to use my guitar as a make shift walking stick. Much later, and with a very loud cracking sound, my knee re-located itself thus iradicating the need for pain killes and alcohol. Unfortunatly this was too late as my course of action had already begun it's perilous journey. Once at home I sat on the sofa, leg outstreached, bulging knee joint, ice pack, bottle of wine and a memory of a jolly good gig with just two words wizzing around in my head.......SPACIAL AWARENESS!!!!!!!


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