Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's been a hard day in the office...

YOB in going into the studio shock!!

In order to get over the shock of actually recording some stuff in a proper studio and not the YOB grotto - we've decided to celebrate by doing a gig on the 13th October 2005 at Dublin Castle, Camden. We'll be onstage 9.30pm ish and you'll be able to bask in the radient glow of our new lilly white studio tans!

So slap on the factor 20 and get your arses down there!




Orion said...

Alrite guys
i jus watched The 'A' Cut and i must say u guys are awsome i love the vids u ave one ere there amazin, the dummer is well wicked im a bit of a drummer and gtarist my self so i wanna learn some of u guys songs my email address is so email me bk guys for some tips n tricks cheers

6:16 PM  
Karin said...

well great!!will u record it on a cd and then make a best-seller out of it??no really..the !!world!! wants to hear your music!!come on guys!make us proud;)

11:00 AM  

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