Friday, September 09, 2005

We played the guitar on the MTV...

So you saw us on the telly eh?

Decided to check out the web site did you?

Well you made the right decision... Welcome to the very real world of Youth of Britain.

We had planned to have a bit of a tidy up before you came to visit, but our new site won't be online until next week so you'll have to wait, sorry!

Hope you like what you see though...

Check into the forum and let us know your thoughts.


Fazza xxx


Kiarolla said...

Hey boys! You're very fantastic!
I watched yesterday the show on mtv! Your punk is great! I will your fan number one in the future!
You break everything!
Into the whale's ass! <-- it's a way "good luck" here in Italy!
Bye ^_-!


9:13 AM  
Anu said...

I'm currently watching you on MTV A Cut and i must say you guys are amazing!
I'll definately come to your gigs as soon as i move to england next year ;)

4:17 PM  
Jen said...

I saw you guys...You were awesome!

5:54 PM  
Hollie said...


So you 1 A Cut. well dun!
i really like your style, it rox.

oh and Fazza ur hot!

mwah x

6:11 PM  

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