Sunday, September 18, 2005

Quick Turn The Telly ON......

It's that time of the week again.
Round 2 in the crazy world of MTV.
By 6pm tonight you will know if we managed to pull the wool over their eyes again!!!

So get the washing up finished, feed the cat and get your bags packed ready for school in the morning 'cos you won't want to be disturbed during tonight's

A-Cut on MTV @ 17:30

If you do get disturbed (and who wouldn't be?) then you can also catch it again on...

Monday 19th Sept @ 19:00
Friday 23rd @17:30

Justin. xxx


Stella said...

Hey guys, you did it!
I just finished to watch that fucking program on mtv ( well, I hate mtv, I'm sorry) but I did like you guys. You guys rock!
Good Luck
Stella from Italy

1:13 AM  
eve'll said...

hey Stella, you rock..
you're on da case aren't you?

the Mug!

2:49 PM  
V. said...

Hey guys, in Italy we've seen the whole A-Cut in a "one night take", do I have to spoil the final result? ;)))))

Seriously, a terrific song! where do I find your "Free money"?


10:09 AM  

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