Saturday, September 10, 2005

MTV show

Hello little penguins,
Y.O.B are about to be magically transported onto your TV screens much like the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-who was shrunk to fit the screen.
Y.O.B will appear on 'MTV A Cut'. The Show follows MTV searching for the best new bands across Europe.
See us as we involve ourselves in classic battle of the bands action along with all the paranoia of reality TV.
The show runs for 5 weeks, starting tomorrow at 5.30pm MTV 1

Episode 1:
Sunday 11th sep 5.30pm
Monday 12th sep 7pm (repeat)
Friday 16th sep 5.30pm (repeat)

Believe me it was ridiculous filming it.. and should be more so watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gab said...

Hi guys
I'm writing from Italy; I saw you on Mtv A Cut and you are great! really!

6:40 PM  
francesca said...


Francesca from italy

8:28 PM  
paoletta said...

hey guys!! I must say the same things that the other 2 people have already said: you're great!!
I have seen all the Mtv A Cut show here in Italy, and it was not so ridiculous (ok, just a some times)..but the most important thing is that you have given some faith to all those little groups who can just dream such an audience like that (thousend of people!!)..
I wish you all the best, your songs rock (even your "sick and tired" version)..
Good luck for everything..
Paola from Milan

1:28 PM  
eve'll said...

wow, we're getting exited here..
you guys think we'll be coming to bella italia soon??

love to think so...

the Mug

2:52 PM  
LenaUK said...

I'm also a big fan of YOB! I saw you on MTV and I just fall in love with YOB! You guyz are great! I've seen more than two episodes and it was so sad... i was so sad when you guyz have to leave :(
But anyway you were the best!!!!
Love, Lena from Slovenia, Europe

7:02 PM  
Br0ther said...

Where can I download the song you played on MTV A-cut because I can't download it anywhere

5:25 PM  
Anka said...

i'd really like to download the song from mtv A was soooo cool!

hugs from Anka, Romania

6:52 PM  
ozone said...

YOU ROCK =) ive just watched the acut final show .. CONGRATULATIONS .. you are amazing .. i was jumping and singging in my living room ... your energy and your music its something so fresh .... you are in the good way .. hope to see you in the charts and hope you to sell a lot records causse deserv it... be cool [] i send you my friendship from PORTUGAL

3:17 PM  

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