Monday, September 19, 2005

late call for our troops

Right you lot!Hop to it!
Look lively and get ready to march on down to:
Cargo, Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London tomorrow(Tuesday 20th September 2005) night!

No one said being part of the Y.O.B army was easy and this is alast minute call to arms!
You're working on a need to know basis just like we are...
We just learnt that two bands (Luther Blisset and Frost) with who we arecurrently appearing in MTV show A Cut (which goes out at 5.30pm every Sunday) are in town.

We have infiltrated the line up and we will be appearing on stage at 7.30pm sharp.

So pack your kit bags and we'll see you for fun and frolics down the front.
And just so you can't saywe never give you anything,
if you email your names to
withGUEST LIST DEMO CITY in the subject line, you can get in for just £2!
To see 3 bands hot off yourTV screens!
What are you waiting for troops!
Fall in and ship out!Over and out,

General Fazzaxxxx


Waynerrr said...

As posted on the forum, the date's wrong. Should be Tuesday 20th (or Monday 19th), not Tuesday 19th.

5:59 PM  

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