Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How nice

mmmmmmm .
I had a lovely surprise this week i thought i would share with you.

I went away for a few days to northern Ireland (this is not the surprise).
I was with my mum helping her look for a house to buy (this is not the surprise ).
I had a great time and it was great for the crack! (this is not the surprise).
I have a cat called Wolverine who i left at my flat with a big bowl of food and water
(surpise on its way).
After returning to my flat i was greeted by a bath full of maggots eating the flesh of a dead mouse,i assumed it was dead only its tail remained and it looked as though it would need more then a personal trainer to get it back into shape.
I nearly puked from the smell . i fear that should i have fainted by the mere site i may possibly have fainted ,hit my head , landed in the bath and suffered as similar fate as the mouse.
( The surprise was in the last paragraph )


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