Sunday, September 11, 2005

Half Moon

Hey that was a fun gig. Everyone out there seemed to enjoy the night and we had a great time too. OK so I bust a string or two and we totally forgot to join in on Rock Freeze but we can sort that out next time. It looks like we've succeeded in blagging a manager into helping us a bit (mug) so with any luck we'll be even more famous than we are now (I know had to imagine but just try eh?)It won't be long before I can't go to my local superstore without a couple of minders to hold back the kids, I'll have to watch my figure or just go for bloater status I can't decide. Then of course ther are the really expensive sunglasses to wear inside. Maybe that's why they have minders....'cos they can't see. I can't wait to be bumping into things.
Jus. x


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