Friday, September 23, 2005

Any plans for the weekend, Sir?

Oi Muppets!

We know that between topping up your ASBO's and cleaning out the neighbours while they're away on holiday, you're going to be a bit pushed to think of things to do. So why not plonk yourself down in front of your newly aquired TV and watch us in episode 3 of A Cut, at 5.30pm, this Sunday 25th 2005 on MTV UK.

This episode you can see us trying our hand at being interviewed live on MTV, and generally trying not to go insane in TV reality land.

If anyone is curious as to what happens in the rest of the series, check out our forum (under the FANCY A CHAT link on the side bar to the right of this message) and have a look at what our italian cousins think of the show - as they've had the whole series broadcast in a week. Cheeky monkeys!

Love and kisses,



sari said...

hehee... guess who is winning.. i wonder what run on to your (whole band) mind while playin'-- ups, i mean, playin in those cellars and small places.. not in festival, at leas not in Germany. NOT! don t try to put words in to my mouth :)

-freaky freaky chikie chikie!-

5:33 PM  
LenaUK said...

my friends was lying to me... you guyz have win!!!!
congrats YOB!!! awwww Fazz you're so cutee <3


6:15 PM  

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