Monday, August 29, 2005

Thanks punters!

Oi! Muppets!

We've just returned from a triumphant weekend of 4 gigs in three days - and each one was a blinder!

Many thanks to everyone who came down to the Nokia Raw tent at Reading and gave us such a warm response - and the great crew who helped us all weekend with spare guitars, great sound and some fantastic coverage on the LED screens on the outside of the tent - you rock!

Similarly, a big shout to those of you who came down to Water Rats on Friday. We did try and warn you about the encore, but you just wouldn't listen...

The site will be undergoing a revamp in the next couple of days so be sure to drop by to check out our new look and new content.




ornamentalmolestation said...

Saw you at Reading twice! the second time I bought my two friends, we were the three brunettes nodding our heads near the front on saturday...we loved ya! great shows and definitely one of my highlights of the weekend, and I will be telling of your antics to me bro and moshing mate J

ornamentalmolestation x

5:39 PM  
eve'll said...

Thanks ornamentalmolestation,

Glad you enjoyed the show and please spread tales of our antics far and wide!

And next time we need an ornamental station for our moles, you can be sure we'll call you first!



12:13 PM  

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