Friday, August 19, 2005

Sunburt holiday madness...


Yes, it's the YOB's and we're back from breaking our ASBOS and absconding to the Costa Del Chav for our summer vacation...

Well, we've shagged all the 18-30's reps, drunk all the Sangria and got ourselves lobster tans through our Union Flag string vests - and now we're coming to see you!

So load up on paella and bring your friends down to the Water Rat's Theatre, Gray's Inn Road, King's Cross on Friday 26th August where you can see us take to the stage at around about 9pm. We can't be too specific as yet as we'll have just legged it back from playing the Nokia New Bands Tent at the Reading Festival earlier that day, at about 2pm ish. More details will follow nearer the time...

But, don't despair if you're already at Reading and are thinking, 'Oh no, I've missed them!' because we will be appearing on the Saturday (27th) and Sunday (28th) as well! Oh Yes!!!

So, to sum up:

It's not all bad.
It could be worse.
Rather you than me.

Take care pop-pokers,




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