Monday, August 29, 2005

Hi there....

Hope you're all well and if you came to see us at Reading - Thanks! You rocked!

Just pulled an all nighter trying to get all this new look site to you lot before you get back to work on Tuesday morning.... Please inform me of bugs, dead links etc as I'm not to great with html... much more at home with Flash.
Also, I'm completely Mac based, so please PC people, give me some feedback....

It was a shame we weren't able to do a full show for you guys at Reading - we couldn't run our usual visuals during the show as we couldn't fit a projection screen on the stage like we could at the Prodigy shows. Anyone who caught us at the Water Rats on Friday would have seen the full monty - even if we were a bit knackered from playing Reading at lunchtime! We were a bit limited by the size of the stage too!

While I'm here - big shouts out to Chris Lloyd, Steve Sound, Helen, Oli, and all the rest of the Nokia crew - thanks for all your help and support over the three days. Similarly, thanks to Mel and all at the Water Rats for your stirling efforts.

Catch you later....


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