Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July. Gigs. Come out!

Alright then! It's gig time again!

Yes, yes, yes we're very impressed with you lot getting our new single "Chav" played on the radio, but we need more, so much more from you!!!

And by more we mean COME DOWN TO THE GIGS!

It's summer time and the water's lovely, so come and see us at our favourite venue Cargo, in Shoreditch on July 20th 2005 where we will be playing along with our friends Luther Blisset and Gold Digger. Check out this link for more details http://www.cargo-london.com/event.php?id=210

Then, let's all head into a joyous virgin experience together! Yes, it's our first festival! More details to follow on this one, but your presence is required on Sunday July 24th 2005 on the second day of the Lovebox Festival in Hackney's Victoria Park. This will link will give you no information about us, but it will tell you where and when it all is, and where to get tickets http://www.loveboxlondon.com/

So, don't think of leaving home, unless it involves us.

Love ya,



Viper said...

put the people with the sticks on www.rathergood.com

8:32 PM  

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