Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Go East Young Y.O.Bs...

Calling all filthy Western Capitalists...

Take time out from you busy money making schedule and go to 93 Feet East on Thursday 9th June 2005 to see the revolutionary Youth of Britain. 93 Feet East is on Brick Lane (opposite the Truman Brewery) and will be full of all the debaunched fun you sordid Capitalist pigs crave.

Love and kisses Comrades,



michael said...

Sorry i missed it but old codgers like me probably get turned away at the door!
I have fond memories of Brick lane though - the attractive stalls laid out on oily rags the bits of chain and bicyle bells, the gas lighters (come and get your GAS LIGHTERS!) dogy videos, dodgy vinyl and lovely warm bagels. Ahh! Those were the days.
Good luck with future gigs. I have put a link to my blog- not that it makes a jot of diff. ofcourse!

12:31 PM  

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