Friday, September 17, 2004

Gig at Metro - 29th September 2004

Big Shout to all you people that managed to breach security in our homeland this week! How the fuck did batman get through? What's next? Big Bird down the chimney of Downing Street?

Big thanks to all who made it to Cargo on tuesday including the Prodigy's Keith Flint..i was fuckin gobsmacked ..The Firestarter telling us how good we were!!!....YOU GEEZZA!

Anyway. Calling all Superheros and Muppets to join us for another Y.O.B night.

Get yer arses to Metro, 19-23 Oxford Street, London, W1 on the 29th September at 9pm


Tim said...

Any chance you could post No Gentleman in MP3 format? It would be much appreciated.
Also, the lyrics must be awesome because I can'r figure all of them out.
-Tim the Enchanter

11:57 PM  
the_strategy_freak said...

Hi I'm a kid in the US. Can you get me the lyrics to The Guvnor?

1:13 AM  
KrazyRabidSheep said...

Hey. I'm from not Britain, but I like the music anyway. I'd probably be called a yob(bo) myself, but the old people here just call us punks or simply bastards. Most of us aren't really punks. I guess some people would call me a new-waver. I like to be called Sean. I heard "Chill Out" from when it first was posted, and thought it was gnarly. Yeah, a real gas. Anyway, somehow I found this site and decided to post a comment. I also like your other songs. Wank your toe! You guys know Joel Veitch, right? He's done your video-thingys. You need to do a song with 7 Seconds of Love. That's not a suggestion, just a fact. Later, eh?

5:58 AM  

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